For the future of our kids

For healthy living conditions and the comfort of the children, we provide various services like catering, health care and leisure activities.
We’re always trying to improve our institution and the provided services in order to guarantee the wellbeing of our children both in the present and in the future.


The establishment offers accommodation to all its beneficiaries whilst taking into account the specificities of each age group as required by the law. It consists of six dormitories with a capacity of 80 beds.


The establishment provides catering to all beneficiaries. We make sure that we meet the standards of healthy food and ensure the presence of a qualified team that’s in charge of cooking following the health safety standards. Three food programs have been developed to be adequate for the three different age groups.


The institution provides social assistance benefits in order to regularise the legal status of our beneficiaries. It also provides support for mothers and adoptive families of children.


The establishment ensures children’s access to public health services in health centres, while providing medicine to beneficiaries in partnership with Galinca laboratory. Psychological support services, on the other hand, are provided by an institutional psychologist.


The establishment makes sure that the beneficiaries are fully integrated into the school system in public schools and private schools once they reach the legal age of schooling. It also accompanies the beneficiaries through school support programs.


The establishment organises recreational programs that includes buth indoor and outdoor activities Indoor activities include workshops, educational activities, celebrations, parties, social and religious activities, while outdoor activities include summer camps and environmental and exploration trips.

As for food, medical care, hygiene, games and many other necessities, your help is much needed. The children live through your donations.

We need 384 346.89dhs to meet the children’s needs for the year. We count on you. Thank you !